Hay treat

Let's first talk about a rabbit's diet. A rabbit is a herbivore, which means you shouldn't feed it like a sheep or horse.

The most important part of a rabbit's diet is HAY, HAY and MORE HAY!!
Its health depends on sufficient high-quality hay in its cage.

Generally speaking, with high-quality hay a rabbit will not require additional rabbit food. However, the hay must always include grasses and herbs. When speaking of quality hay we do not mean commercial industrial hay that is supplemented with a handful of herbs or flowers to make it look attractive.

No, quality hay is how it grows in nature: unsprayed and without pesticides. Harvested and sun-dried with all its natural elements. This hay can contain over 40 species of grasses and herbs.

This is hay as it should be.


Separately packed, thus preserving its original quality
Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins
Maintains the intestinal flora
The fibres ensure proper bowel movement
Proper dental wear
Chewing on hay prevents boredom
Hay gives rabbits a feeling of satisfaction in their stomach
Produced with great dedication by smallholders

Excellent for your rabbit, but also guinea pigs and other small rodents!


Place a handful of fresh hay in the cage every day. Every few days, remove the excess hay from the cage, so that the animals don't sit around in old hay. Please note! Hay must always be present in the cage.
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