There are dozens of species of gerbils, small rodents that naturally inhabit steppes and (semi-)deserts in Africa and Asia.

They belong to the family of Gerbillinae. Mongolian gerbils are by far the best known gerbils and are most often kept as pets. Mongolian gerbils have a long hairy tail with a wisp at the end. Mongolian gerbils are curious, intelligent and extremely friendly. They can live to be between 3 and 5 years old.

Gerbils are social and active animals and should be kept with multiple cohorts. Grooming each other’s fur reinforces their sense of community.


Suitable housing for Gerbils is a glass or plastic container that can be properly sealed from the top and has approx. the following dimensions: 80 x 50 or 90 x 40 cm. Housing with bars are less suitable because the animals will spill lots of the ground cover outside of the cage due to their digging activities.


Ground cover for the cage:

The health of your gerbil starts with the ground cover. The ground cover should primarily absorb the urine, be dust-free, soft and comfortable.


Joris recommends the following ground covers (in recommended order):

  • Cotton N Card bedding
  • Coconut Bedding
  • Card N Card
  • Cotton Bedding
  • Ground soft straw grain + soft nesting material
  • Soft fine little paper pellets + soft nesting material

Do not forget the following products: Branches, coconut cottages, hamster houses, stones etc. Never use materials of soft plastic. Clean the cage every 2 weeks, including the accessories.  Very important for hygiene.



Gerbils eat natural plant food, such as seeds, grains and other plant parts, but also small animals such as insects. As a basic meal, why not choose a complete food specially prepared for Gerbils? Don’t give them too much, though. Approx. 15 grams per Gerbil is sufficient for a day. Plenty of hay is also important for their fibre digestion.  Supplement this with dried herbs, vegetables and flowers.


A good ration:

  • igh quality special gerbil food
  • Herbs, vegetables and flowers (with little moisture)
  • High quality hay
  • Clean drinking water all day


Joris' checklist for your gerbils:

Wide gerbil cage (gnaw-proof)
Sleeping house (gnaw-proof)
Dust-free and healthy ground cover
Special gerbil food
Dry vegetables, flowers, herbs, cat and dog food
Drinking bottle (hang outside cage)
Feeding bowl (gnaw-proof)
Gnawing material
Transport box
Nail stone
Sand tray + gerbil sand
Toys and wheel (gnaw-proof)

Joris No Smell fights for better living conditions, together with drdknaagdierwinkel (lots of information comes from them), Konino, Bunny Bunch, Gooise Dierensuper and many other clubs who want the best for your pet. They don't just want to sell you their products. No, they want to sell you the correct, necessary and responsible supplies.