Exotic Coconut Bedding

Exotic Coconut Bedding:

Hygienic pieces of coconut supplemented by coconut fibre. Because the product does not become mouldy and quickly dries after getting wet, it is ideal for outdoor use. At the same time, because of its great visual appearance and the fact that animals love to play in it, it is also highly suitable for indoor use. We have two types of coconut bedding; a finer and coarser type. We ourselves prefer the coarser type. Certain animals may prefer the finer type, though. In the end it all comes down to personal preference.


Natural product
Visually appealing
Highly absorbent
Does not fall out of a cage that easily compared to beech bedding
Exciting playing and nesting material for small rodents (less boredom)
No mould
Ideally suitable for outdoor use
Guaranteed clean cage
Dust-free and allergen-free
Organic waste bin friendly or may be used as ground cover in gardens (dual use)
The healthiest ground cover available

Price range: top market


- Faeces in birds clearly visible
- With rodents, the bottom of the cage may become wet, but the coconut will easily absorb it after a while
- Considerably more expensive than beech bedding, but lasts much longer


Apply a layer of about 5 cm in the cage. Apply a much thicker layer in case of hamsters. Generally speaking, hamsters require at least a layer of 20 cm for hiding. With rabbits, remove the dried faeces every 2 days. If you do so, you will be able to use the ground cover for several weeks.

Suitable for: birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice and reptiles. But also for chickens!

Exotic Kosos fijn_beestje

Animal friendliness:

Exotic Kosos fijn 20L_schaduwkopie

20 L fijn

EXCOTIC KOKOS_A5 25L_schaduw

25 L

Exotic kokos 115L

115 L

Exotic kokos 270L

270 L