Cotton N Fibre

Pressed cotton seed mixed with specially selected wood fibre.


Soft and airy
More dust than Cotton N Cotton
Drastic reduction of odours
Always a clean and dry cage
Playing and nesting material
Lasts longer than traditional ground covers
But also less natural and environmentally friendly because of wood fibres
Organic waste bin friendly
Less chance of foot problems in large, heavy animals

Price range: 20% under Cotton N Cotton (between top and mid-market).


- Not 100% odourless
- Wood fibre contains natural substances that are not always healthy for the animals
- Less suitable for eye and skin irritations and allergies


Apply a layer of about 5 cm Cotton N Fibre in the cage. With rabbits, remove the dried faeces every 2 days. This allows your rabbit to use the ground cover for up to 3 - 4 weeks.  

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and mice.
Less suitable for rats and hamsters.
Cotton N Fibre_Rat


COTTON N FIBRE_A6 15L schaduw

15 L

COTTON N FIBRE_A5 40L schaduw

40 L