Cotton N Card

Small pieces of clean cardboard made of new boxes and egg cartons, mixed with pressed cotton seed. Extremely environmentally friendly. Even the glue of the boxes is made of potato starch. Very environmentally and animal friendly product.

Odours and moisture gone in 3 steps

Cotton N Card contains three components, each with its own absorption rate. This allows the ground cover to absorb moisture and odours in the long-term.
1. Small pieces of cardboard absorb very quickly
2. Small pieces of egg cartons absorb less quickly
3. Pressed cotton seed absorbs slower and takes in moisture from the two others components.

Cotton N Card is recommended by veterinarians, but also by animals themselves. Playing, digging, hiding and building nests; it's all possible with this unique ground cover.


Soft and comfortable (slightly less compared to Cotton N Cotton)
Almost dust-free and suitable for rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and smaller rodents
Highly suitable for long-haired animals
Almost no odours
Promotes hygienic behaviour in animals
Always a clean surface because the faeces slowly sink to the bottom. Once there, they are already dry
Absorption 5x wood fibre and 2x hemp
Thanks to its composition, a great habitat for small rodents
Recommended by Joris and veterinarians as the no. 1 ground cover

Price range: low to mid-market


- Some pet owners may like the look of it, whereas others may not
- Other than that, Joris recognises no disadvantages


Apply a thick layer in the cage. The thicker the better. Recommended: 5 to 10 cm. The thicker the layer, the more effective.  

Suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. Also suitable for birds and chickens
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COTTON N CARD_A5 30L schaduw

30 L

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150 L