Card N Card Bedding brown

Small pieces of brown cardboard. Overproduction of new cardboard boxes were used for this. Visually less appealing than Card n Card Mix, but otherwise almost the same results.


Soft and comfortable
Super absorption 5x wood fibre and 2x hemp
Warm and comfortable
Highly suitable for long-haired animals and rats
Super clean recycled product
Dust-free and allergen-free
Organic waste bin friendly and may be used as compost
Dry and clean surface

Price range: between low and mid-market


- Bottom of the cage may become wet
- Visually not that appealing


Apply a layer of about 5-6 cm in the cage. With rabbits, regularly clean the cage

Suitable for: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets, chickens, birds and reptiles
card n card bruin_beestje


COTTON N CARD BRUIN_A6 30L schaduwkopie

30 L

Card and Card bruin 330L

330 L