Cardboard Line

The cardboard consists of the overproduction of new cardboard boxes and egg cartons. In other words, it is unused material that would otherwise be destroyed. Instead, now it has another useful purpose. Cardboard has a very high degree of absorption, namely 5x wood fibre, 6x straw and 2x hemp. The cardboard has been purified, making is dust-free. In America, various scientific studies were conducted between various ground covers, which yielded the following results:

 Economic result  2nd place
 Dust-free  1st place
 Absorption  1st place
 Odour absorption  1st place
 Natural degradation  1st place
 Toxins, mould and bacteria free  2nd place
 User friendliness  1st place
 Support and resilience bottom  1st place
 Safe for digestive system  1st place
 Non-harmful  1st place