About Joris

Those who have never visited Africa before are undoubtedly aware of the colourful images of the continent where people live in harmony with and respect for nature. Where wilderness allows for civilisation thanks to a treasure of natural products, to which many local communities owe their prosperity and well-being. Joris No Smell’s Cotton N Cotton is an example of such a product. By aligning traditional knowledge about plants and animals in an economic market, the West Africans - in collaboration with Joris No Smell - developed an ecological ground cover for the rodent cage. Joris No Smell was the first to introduce this unique product in the rodent world. It has now been copied many times and not always with the same quality Joris had in mind. But whereas the copycats stood still, Joris has further investigated the welfare and associated habitat of the animals, while simultaneously considering the well-being of the caregiver. Joris' philosophy is that the health of your animals starts from the ground on which they stand. In other words; the ground cover. One can treat his/her animal with the best food available, but if the ground cover is smelly, dusty, badly absorbing or unhealthy (sawdust), then one will end up with a cold, damp and dirty environment in which premature rodent death is not unthinkable. Joris reasons from the welfare of your rabbit, rodent or bird, while also realising that, just like people, no animal is the same. What may be good treatment for one animal may be bad for another, even if they are both rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters. This is also the reason why Joris No Smell has developed several ground covers that are tailored to natural instincts, but also take into account the environment and the needs of the caregiver. This means that we have developed multiple ground covers for each animal species, depending on the preference of the animal and caregiver. Joris has also considered everyone's budget. Even the least expensive ground covers are adapted to the natural instincts of the animal, and take into account the environment as well as your budget. Having difficulty making the right decision? Please send an email to Joris and he will provide you with friendly advice.

Joris No Smell: Good for animals, humans and the environment.