Better, healthier and cheaper

Cotton N Card

"A healthy and ecofriendly alternative ground cover"

Soft and comfortable
Almost dustfree and suitable for rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and smaller rodents
Highly suitable for long haired animals
Almost no odoursPromotes hygienic behaviour in animals
Always clean surface because the faeces slowly sink to the bottom
Absorption 5 x woodfibre and 2 x hemp
Thanks to its composition, a great habitat for small rodents
Recommended by Joris and veterinarians as be ground cover no 1

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Exotic Kokos

The best alternative to wood fibre with the highest possible absorption

Hygienic pieces of coconut supplemented by coconut fibre. Because the product does not come mouldy and quickly dries after getting wet, it is ideal for outdoor use.

Natural product
Visually appealing
Highly absorbent
Does not fall out of the cage that easly compared to beech bedding
Exciting playing and nesting material for small rodents (less boredom)
No mould
Ideally suitable for outdoor use
Guaranteed clean cage
Dust-free and allergen-free
Organic waste bin friendly or may be used as ground cover in gardens
The healthiest ground cover avaible

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Cotton 'N' Cotton

"The super soft cotton bedding for rabits and rodents"

Soft and comfortable
Dust-free and therefore suitable for many types of rats
Drastic reduction of odour
Always a clean and dry cage
Suitable for digging and playing
Lasts longer than traditional covers
Environmentally friendly
Organic waste bin friendly
Reduces allergies
Perfect product against eye/skin irritations and conditions
Less change of foot problems in large, heavy animals

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Exotic N Colours

"Super soft and completely safe nesting material made of cellulose, viscose and squeezed cottonseed."

The softest and most comfortable nesting material
High moisture absorption (350%)
Nearly dust-free
Visually appealing
Recommended by veterinarians
Good for animals, people and environment

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